How to Block Ads on Hulu (It’s Easier Than You Think) (2023)

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(Video) How to block ads on Android or iPhone

You probably know that incredible feeling all too well. You get ready to unwind with a bit of Hulu streaming and can’t wait to watch your show. Just as you’re really getting into the action, an ad pops up.

Sitting through all those annoying ads is frustrating. For some people, wading through the ads is too much trouble.

If constant interruptions make watching Hulu a deal-breaker, keep reading our guide to find out how you can get rid of those pesky ads and get on with enjoying the show.

Can you get rid of ads on Hulu's live TV shows?

When you pay to get Hulu + Live TV, you may still see ads while watching live TV. You may also see on-demand shows and movies that still contain ads from network partners. But you might be able to skip those ads if you use Hulu's Cloud DVR.

In this article

How to block ads on Hulu
1. Block Hulu commercials with a Chrome extension
2. Use a browser that blocks ads
3. Use an app
4. Reload your Hulu TV show
5. Open two browser tabs
You could also upgrade to Hulu (No Ads)
What to do if your Hulu (No Ads) still has ads
Why does Hulu have so many ads?
Bottom line

How to block ads on Hulu

If you like using the Hulu streaming platform but can’t take those frequent ad interruptions, there are ways to block them. You can get browser extensions, apps, or use a web browser that automatically blocks ads.

You may even try interesting methods, such as reloading your Hulu TV show. That won’t necessarily block the entire ad, but it could shorten the break.

If those options aren’t for you, Hulu offers different subscription plans, and you can choose one without ads. Remember, the more premium service you get, the more you will pay.

Here’s how these options work so you can pick the best one for your needs.

1. Block Hulu commercials with a Chrome extension

If you watch Hulu using your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser, you can download a browser extension to block the ads. Some, like Hulu Ad Skipper, let you fast forward through commercials to enjoy more time watching your favorite shows.

Because there are numerous ad blockers in existence, you should be aware that not all of them work. You can browse different extensions to find one that effectively blocks your Hulu ads. Here are some popular options:

2. Use a browser that blocks ads

If you don’t want to look through different browser extensions to find the perfect one, you can opt for an ad-blocking browser.

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These are dedicated browsers that detect ads before you see them. These can make watching Hulu a more convenient and fun experience. You can pick a browser you like and enjoy ad-free video streaming. Some of the popular choices are:

  • Brave: The Brave browser automatically detects ads on Hulu services and blocks them before they appear on the website.
  • Opera: Opera uses its ad blocker feature to help block ads on Hulu. It also comes with a built-in VPN for streaming on Android and desktop.
  • Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is now built on the Chromium engine and comes with add-ons you can use to block Hulu ads. It uses Google’s infrastructure unless you opt for the open-source Chromium browser.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Firefox also focuses on privacy by auto-blocking tracking cookies and social trackers. It also gives you access to many of the ad-blocking browser extensions we mentioned above.

Sometimes, by default, these browsers can prevent Hulu from working, and you may have to adjust some of your settings. This may happen because the Hulu business model revolves around ads for cheaper subscriptions — so if a browser blocks ads, it could also block your Hulu content.

If this happens, try changing your settings:

  1. If you use a browser that includes an ad blocker, such as the Opera browser, disable your ad blocker extension.
  2. Make sure you enable location services on your browser. You can usually do this from your browser’s settings menu.
  3. If using the Brave browser, you will need to go to the Settings menu, under the Shields section, and turn Trackers & Ads Blocking to Standard or Disabled. If that doesn’t work, you may need to tweak your settings under Privacy and Security and make them less strict.

3. Use an ad blocker app

If you like watching Hulu on your mobile device, there are third-party apps that can block ads. These apps will allow you to watch the streaming service without ads interrupting your favorite shows. That can come in handy if you’re commuting or watching Hulu while you wait at an appointment.

When you want to use mobile-friendly ad-blockers apps, you can try out different ones to see which you like the best. As with browser extensions, not all of them work, so if your first one is a bust, don’t hesitate to keep trying.

Here are some apps you can download to block ads on your smartphone:

  • Blokada: Blokada is an app for Android and iPhone users. It may not work for all ads, but it will block some of them. The newest version, Blokada 6, also includes a VPN.
  • AdLock: AdLock works on Android and iOS devices. You can get free and paid versions, but of course, the paid version comes with more features, such as whitelisting sites for showing approved ads.
  • AdAway: AdAway is another app for Android devices. It has advanced features such as adding exceptions to your blocklists. To use this app, your device must be rooted. That means it’s unlocked to allow unapproved apps — but those unapproved apps could also contain malware or cause problems such as data loss, so be cautious.

4. Reload your Hulu TV show

Because Hulu gets money from showing commercial ads, you may find yourself sitting through several minutes of advertisements. Depending on the length of the show, that can get pretty annoying.

One of the ways to fix this is to reload or refresh the Hulu page. Doing this won’t stop the ads entirely, but it might shorten the duration of the ads, which can be helpful with the long ones. Reloading your Hulu TV show is a simple process and only takes a couple of steps.

  1. When the ad begins playing, refresh the entire browser tab by pressing the reload button.
  2. Wait for the page to reload, and once it does, you should see a couple of quick ads. After that, your show will resume where you left off.

5. Open Hulu in two browser tabs

You may think it’s overkill to use two web browser tabs. But before you discount this way to skip Hulu ads, you should know it’s not difficult to do.

To do this, you open two browser tabs and watch your Hulu program on the first tab. When an ad begins to play, you mute it and use the other browser tab. For example:

  1. Open two browser tabs and start your Hulu show on both.
  2. Watch your show on the first tab, and when the first ad starts, mute the show and go to your second tab.
  3. When your second tab starts to play an ad, mute it and go back to your first tab. Unmute your first tab and enjoy your ad-free show. The first tab you muted should play the ad while you’re not watching.

Why didn't we recommend Enounce MySpeed software?

If you use a Mac, MySpeed used to be an easy way to fast forward through Hulu ads. Unfortunately, the software is no longer supported by most modern browsers.[1] The company is working toward solutions for the issue, but current workarounds for macOS require you to disable certain Apple safety settings.

You could also upgrade to Hulu (No Ads)

One of the easiest ways to skip through those unpleasant ads is to upgrade your Hulu subscription.

When you choose the Hulu (No Ads) option, you can binge your favorite shows back-to-back, without commercials. Your viewing doesn’t stop until you want it to, so you can watch as many hours of streaming as you like —with no ads.

If you’re ready to upgrade, go to “Manage Your Account” when you log in to Hulu. You can upgrade to your preferred plan and select other available channels.

(Video) Block EVERY Online Ad with THIS - Pi-Hole on Raspberry Pi

How much is Hulu without ads?

If you want to upgrade your Hulu plan, it will cost more than the basic plan. You’re paying a premium to forego the ads and commercials. Sometimes you can get a 30-day free trial of Hulu (No Ads) to make sure you want to upgrade before paying.

Here are all the plans Hulu currently offers:

PlanMonthly priceDoes it include ads?
Hulu (No Ads)$12.99/moNo*
Hulu + Live TV$69.99/mo.Yes
Hulu (No Ads) + LIve TV$75.99/mo.Hulu content: No*

Live TV content: Yes

*Hulu (No Ads) includes some shows with an ad break before and after each episode.

What to do if your Hulu (No Ads) still has ads

If you’ve paid more money to upgrade to Hulu (No Ads) and still see commercials, you’re probably frustrated, to say the least.

Unfortunately, there are some exceptions with Hulu (No Ads).

  • Excluded shows: There are some shows that will have a short ad break before and after each episode, due to streaming rights.
  • Live TV: If you’re watching live TV, you'll get the same ads as anyone else watching the same shows on cable.
  • DVR recordings: When you use Cloud DVR recordings, you’ll still get ad breaks, but you can fast-forward through them.
  • Premium add-on channels: When you pay for premium add-ons, you won’t get ad breaks, but you may see promotional content before some of the videos. These are similar to movie trailers at the theater, meant to showcase other streaming content.

Are those ads a mistake? Contact Hulu.

If you're seeing ads by mistake, you should first go to your Account page and verify your subscription. If you've verified your Hulu (No Ads) account plan, you can contact Hulu to investigate the issue.You'll need to log in to do so.

FYI: Sometimes Hulu chooses different content on a promotional basis. Once the promotional period ends, your streaming will go back to your regular plan.

Why does Hulu have so many ads?

Although it may be annoying to see so many ads, Hulu does have a solid reason for why you see them. The main reason is that Hulu gets revenue from the ads. There’s a lot of content on the platform — with that comes more ads.

It may cause some minor interruptions for viewers, but this means Hulu can offer original programming at an affordable price. Here are some more reasons you see so many ads while watching Hulu.

  1. Some of the shows are owned by other networks, and the viewing is subject to their terms.
  2. Hulu is owned by the Walt Disney Company, and that means it can monetize a ton of commercial content.
  3. Ads can make up for TV network and studio revenue losses.
  4. Hulu can use data-driven ads to its advantage. That means it tracks what you watch most to offer more relevant ads.
  5. The ad revenue generates a lot of income for Hulu.



Does AdBlock block ads on Hulu?

AdBlock will block ads on Hulu, but it may also create a problem with viewing. When that happens, you can pause or disable the AdBlock service.

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What is the best ad blocker for Hulu?

The best ad blocker for Hulu depends on what browser or device you use. There are different ad blockers available, and not all will work. Some popular choices are Hulu Ad Skipper and Adblock Plus.


How much is ad-free Hulu a month?

Ad-free Hulu is $12.99 per month. If you want to get ad-free Hulu + Live TV, it costs $75.99 per month.

Bottom line

When you want to enjoy Hulu but don’t want the pesky ads that come with it, you have options:

  1. Use an ad blocker
  2. Get an app
  3. Use a browser that blocks ads
  4. Reload your Hulu TV show
  5. Open two browser tabs
  6. Upgrade your Hulu plan

You can choose the option that's best for you, but the easiest way may be to upgrade your Hulu subscription. Many of these options also work to block ads on Facebook and other sites.

Remember, even when you upgrade to a more premium subscription, such as Hulu (No Ads), you may still see some ads from time to time. But it’s still a better viewing experience for most people.

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